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Mission Statement

To be a socially responsible company helping others to help themselves.

About Newstart Canada

The Newstart Group of Companies by true definition is a finance company; however, if you speak to the team at Newstart Canada, their investors or the customers they serve, you will learn they are a lot more than simply a finance company.

The Newstart Group of Companies was created to help the un-bankable become bankable. By taking a risk on consumers who have been turned down by every other finance company, Newstart helps un-bankable consumers establish or re-establish their credit. Through their unique “Guaranteed Credit Approval” program, Newstart Canada approves customers based on their ability to pay, not their credit rating. Newstart reports monthly to Equifax ( and prompt paying customers can see their Credit Score improve over the 24-36 month term, with one third of Newstart’s customers achieving a “bankable” credit rating in as little as 12 months.

Newstart Financial Inc. provides consumers with vehicle financing. Starting with a modest vehicle, an average 24 month term and a variety of value added services (including CAA Membership, free oil changes, etc.), Newstart’s customers achieve affordable payments which can be made weekly, monthly, bi-weekly or bi-monthly to suit their income stream. The lease is fully open with the option to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease for $1.00.

Keeping the customer’s overall budget in mind, Newstart is able to help consumers by providing additional credit for things like car repairs or small personal loans. This second trade line also reports to Equifax and helps build credit. The key to success in this segment of the business is; manageable loan amounts, reasonable terms, and again, the value added benefits Newstart provides for example, personalized Credit Coaching.

Established in 2007, the Newstart Group of Companies has relied exclusively on shareholder equity and private Accredited Investors in Canada to obtain capital to grow the business. Investors are attracted by the mitigated risk, asset backed security and predictable monthly payments. The investment strategy allows investors to maximize both financial return and social good.

With a solid and profitable foundation built, the company is poised perfectly for growth. Dave Baker, Owner and President of the Newstart Group of Companies, has surrounded himself with a team that supports his vision. The company’s philosophy is simple:

• Bad things can happen to good people
• Never kick a person when they are down
• Don't judge people until you have walked in their shoes
• What goes around comes around

What other Finance Company can say that?

Vision Statement

To connect with people and be their preferred choice for improving their current financial situation.


• Respect and Empathy
• Diligence and Attention to detail
• Creativity and cautious Innovation

About Our Peer to Peer Lending

How are we different?

  1. Our vendors share the risk of the loan with us.
  2. Investors lend to us, we lend to the consumer.
  3. Investors can hold a direct security (cash) or indirect (registered funds) in both the contract and the asset (car).
  4. Pledged security is reviewed and rebalanced every calendar quarter to ensure you maintain a proper equity position.
  5. We manage all aspect of the contract.
  6. Investors are paid even if we are not.
  7. We meet personally with all customers and view the assets to avoid fraudulent transactions.
  8. Our Loan to Value (LTV) is similar to financial institutions lending to our industry in the U.S.
  9. Investors are issued a Secured Note with Offering Memorandum and/or Subscription Agreement Documents which are issued by our Authorized Agent.




This site is sponsored by the Newstart Group of Companies (Newstart Canada), namely Newstart Financial Inc. This is strictly a marketing web site, designed to provide information to Accredited Investors in Canada. All investors must qualify as an "Accredited Investor" as defined by the provincial securities commissions throughout the country. For Ontario residents for example, an "Accredited Investor" is defined by the Ontario Securities Commission in the National Instrument 45-106. This is NOT an automated lending portal.